Tempe Town Lake

      730 N. Mill

      Boat Beach

      Mill Ave & Washington/Curry


       SWIM: 1500 meters 
       BIKE:40 kilometers
       RUN: 10 kilometers

      SWIM: 400 meters 
      BIKE: 20 kilometers
      RUN: 5 kilometers



     Approximately 78-82

    (wetsuits ruling made on race day)


     70 at start, 85 at finish


     May 18, 1:00pm

     Thirsty Lion Pub and Grill



Saturday, May 17 at 1:30pm

Saturday, May 17 at 3:00pm

Saturday, May 17 at 4:30pm



There will be a swim warm up at the beach from 6am to 6:15am.






13th Annual


May 18, 2014








The Tempe International Triathlon is Tempe's oldest triathlon and the first and original triathlon to be held at Tempe Town Lake.  The Tempe International Triathlon has hosted ITU Pan American Cup Triathlons, been part of the Race to Athens series and, at one memorable race, had seven of eight USA Olympians and 1 future Ironman champion.


The Tempe International Triathlon has evolved into one of Arizona's premier age group triathlons.  Our focus is the age grouper - both new and experienced - and our goal is to provide one of the best race experiences anywhere.






Custom Finisher Medals to all finishers


Tech shirts to all participants who enter before May 8.


Women's specific tech shirt sizes to all who women who enter before May 8


Shaded transition area under the 202 Freeway


Beach start (no stairs to get into and out of the lake)


Beginner Triathlon Programs for Everyone New to Triathlon


Limited Field*


*We think that our shaded transition area and beach start makes racing in May at Tempe Town Lake a truly exceptional experience.  With our shaded transition area under the 202 Freeway there are no worries about whether it is a hot day or if the gatorade in your bike water bottle will start boiling.


However, the downside is that the shaded transition area cannot hold more than 1000 or so athletes.  Rather than cram thousands in a too small space, we would rather have a transition area where everybody has plenty of space.  Triathloning should be fun and it is certainly no fun to be so crowded you can hardly move and have to worry about your expensive bike being scratched because there are too many bikes on a rack. 




The Tempe International Triathlon is the largest international distance triathlon in Arizona.  This is important because:

  • The Tempe International Triathlon is the only event in the spring where everybody shows up and is a great chance to race your competition, your friends and neighbors and everybody else who shows up.

  • The larger the race the more importance USAT assigns the degree of difficulty factor when calculating end of year rankings.  Simply put, a good finish counts in a larger race more than it does in a smaller race.

  • If you are contemplating a pro license then you have to do well at a large race.  The Tempe International Triathlon is the only event in the spring that can count toward your pro license.

The Tempe International Triathlon has hosted the Arizona Club Championships for the last 8 years.

  • The Tempe International Triathlon has welcomed over 400 triathletes who are members of Arizona clubs for the past 8 years.

  • The Arizona Club Championships have welcomed triathlon clubs from all over the country.

  • The Arizona Club Championships are a great opportunity to race with your club members, set up a club area for club support and compete for Triathlon Club bragging rights for the year.

  • While you don't have to be a member of a club to race, it sure is a lot of fun to go to a race with your entire team. And if you are not a member of a club, consider joining one of the many fine clubs throughout the Valley.

The Tempe International Triathlon is the oldest triathlon at Tempe Town Lake.

  • Tucson Racing was at the first ever Tempe International Triathlon 13 years ago.

  • The Tempe International Triathlon has hosted numerous USAT Regional Championships and two Continental Cup races featuring Olympians and World Champions.

  • Olympians, Ironman champions, National Champions and World Champions have all raced at the Tempe International Triathlon


Are you a new or beginner triathlete?  Triathlons, with swimming, biking and running incorporated in one race, can be very intimidating to the first time triathlete.  Don't worry, the Tempe International Triathlon will do whatever we can to make your first triathlon experience a positive one.

  • All new triathletes will be given a special colored cap to wear.  The colored cap will identify you as a new triathlete and will allow our lifeguards keep an eye on you during your first open water swim. 

  • Beginner Triathlete swim bike and run clinics.  Place and time TBD.   Don't miss learning all the triathlon secrets from experienced triathletes.

  • Join us at the 4:30pm pre-race meeting at Packet Pick Up/Registration on May 17h.  We will cover topics such as transition, swim start, waves, and other things that might be confusing at your first triathlon.  Not only that, but we will be doing a triathlon "walk through" where we will visit the swim start, transition, bike and run starts to discuss how best to complete these sometimes intimidating parts of a triathlon.

  • We have set aside a special area of the transition for new triathletes.   A member of the TRI staff will be assigned to the beginner area to help you with set up and any questions you might have.

  • Lots and lots of people do the Tempe International Triathlon.  Some are very competitive, but many are doing their first triathlon. We will do our best to make sure you have a great time.


  • The Transition Area, underneath the 202 Freeway, is shaded.  Set up and hang out after the race in wonderful, cool shade!


Our swim start is on a beach.  Yes, an actual beach!  No stairs to negotiate. No water to tread.  Sand under your toes!


Saturday, May 17
Packet Pick Up:  12:00 6:00pm
Place TBD

You may register for the race at Packet Pick Up on May 17th.

No packet pick up or race registration on race morning!*

All relay members must attend packet pickup unless the below procedure is followed.

PACKET PICK UP FOR SOMEONE ELSE - You may pick up somebody else's packet or the packets of your relay members.  We have to follow insurance regulation so we ask that you comply with our requests:

  • Download the USAT waiver from the front page of tucsonracing.com.  Have the person not attending packet pick up sign the waiver

  • Obtain a copy of that person's driver's license and USAT card (if they are a member of USAT)

  • Bring the signed waiver, copy of driver's license and USAT card (if annual member) to registration

TIMING CHIPS: Timing chips will be handed out race morning.  Chips are to be worn on the left ankle.

Bike drop off is NOT required on May 17.  However, since you may bring your bike with you on race morning, we cannot allow race morning packet pick up unless you make prior arrangements.  In addition, all bikes must be in the transition area by 6:05 and the transition area will be cleared at 6:15.  There will be no exceptions.

USAT CARD AND INFORMATION: If you are annual member of USA Triathlon then you must bring your annual membership card and photo ID to registration.  We cannot make exceptions to this rule.  Please do not ask us to do so.

If you are not an annual member then USAT charges a $12 one day fee and requires you to sign a waiver.  This fee is paid as part of your registration process.  If you signed up via active.com then you will have signed the waiver online. If you mailed the entry in then you will need to sign a waiver at registration.

*If you absolutely cannot make it to registration on Sat. May 17, please email the RACE DIRECTOR and, under limited circumstances, we will email you a pass to pick up your packet and rack your bike on Sunday morning


Saturday, May 17 at 1:30pm

Saturday, May 17 at 3:00pm

Saturday, May 17 at 4:30pm. (TRIATHLON WALK THROUGH - at transition area)

AWARDS CEREMONY - 1:00pm                

 Thirsty Lion Pub & Grill
 Tempe Market Place


Relays are available in the international and sprint distance in the following categories:


Relay team members will do the same course as the triathlon. Relays can consist of 2 or 3 members.   All relay members must sign waiver at packet pickup


The Tempe International Classic Triathlon will be offering Clydesdale/Athena divisions.


Average day time temperature in Phoenix in late May are 97-98 degrees.  Due to the low humidity, nights are quite cool, dipping into the 60s.  You might even need a sweatshirt at race start!  The temperature at the finish should be no more than the mid-80s.  Regardless of the temperature, you can expect great support on  the race course.


The City of Tempe, Arizona is the state's seventh largest city, is located in the center of the Valley of the Sun with more than 160,000 residents calling it home. The City of Tempe, Arizona is bordered by Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler. Access to Tempe is a snap with the Loop 101, 202, US 60, I-10 and Hohokam Expressway serving Tempe, making us the most accessible city in the metropolitan area. And, we are only 10 minutes from Sky Harbor International Airport with taxi service and public transportation available seven days a week. The City of Tempe, Arizona offers more than 300 days a year of sunshine to its residents and visitors, and annual rainfall amounts to approximately 7.36 inches a year.

In 1865, the U.S. Army arrived at the eastern end of the Salt River Valley and established Fort McDowell. After the arrival of the cavalry came Caucasian pioneers including Wickenburg entrepreneur Jack Swilling, who directed the renovation of the Hohokam canals, and town "founder" Charles Trumbull Hayden, who built a flour mill and began a ferry service across the Salt River.

"Hayden's Ferry," as the city was called then, was also the name of the only vehicle across the Rio Salado. The town grew slowly with mercantiles, saloons and other businesses along the dusty main street Mill Avenue, and was renamed the City of "Tempe" Arizona (Tem-PEE) by an English traveler who compared the area to the beautiful Vale of Tempe in Greece.

In 1886, the Arizona Territorial Normal School welcomed its first class of 31 students in the structure known today as Old Main on Arizona State University's campus. The college town and farming community grew steadily and quietly until post-World War II's Baby Boom pushed Tempe's city limits against the neighboring communities in every direction. In most recent years, corporate America has rediscovered and redefined the City of Tempe, Arizona much the same way Hayden "discovered" the home of the Pimas, who had "discovered" the home of the Hohokam.

Downtown Tempe offers all types of entertainment options to fit any desires. No where else in Arizona can one experience a Broadway show at a Frank Lloyd Wright designed theatre, see an NFL football game, choose from more than 75 places to eat, shop at brand name stores, climb a mini-mountain, kayak on a two-mile lake, take in an independent film, view works of art and stroll under shady trees - all within a one mile radius

The downtown area has grown to become a unique, pedestrian-friendly place to live, work and play. Shady brick sidewalks, turn of the century buildings, historic landmarks, and Arizona State University, "A" mountain and Tempe Town Lake all make Downtown Tempe the place to be for dining, shopping and nightlife.

For more information about Tempe and what to do on your weekend here, check out http://www.tempecvb.com.



  • Opened November 7, 1999; conceptualized in 1966 by ASU

  • 220 surface acres - 2 miles long, 800-1200 feet wide

  • Average depth: 12.5 feet, ranging from 7 to 19 feet

  • Actual lake construction costs: $44,864,878

  • Dam broke in Summer, 2010. Repaired by November, 2010.


  • Capacity is about 3,000 acre-feet or 977 million gallons

  • Water to keep the lake full comes from reclaimed water, recharge and recovery and water exchanges

  • Water quality is maintained by keeping the water well mixed, proper aeration and chemical controls

  • The lake does not lose water to seepage thanks to a recovery system that pumps water back into the lake

  • Evaporation costs Town Lake about the same amount of water used by two golf courses each year or about the same amount consumed by a 1,000-acre alfalfa field.



We understand that plans can change.  Unfortunately we are not able to give out any refund, for any reason.  We will not transfer your entry to another race nor roll it over to the  following year.  However, with races selling out we do not want have people enter in September and then be stuck with an entry they cannot use.  Therefore if you notify us at any time prior March 15,  we will refund 75% of your entry fee, less any charges by active.com.  If you wish to transfer your race entry to any 2013 Tucson Racing event please notify us by April 15 to receive a 75% credit, less any charges by active.com, on any 2013 entry fee.


If you wish to switch between sprint and Oly, or vice versa, you may do so at any time prior to March 10 (paying the difference in entry fee where applicable).  Just notify us by email and we will make the change.





We need to order t-shirts 10 days before the event.  All athletes will be guaranteed a t-shirt in the size recorded on their entry blank or indicated on Active.com, if the entry is received on or before May 8, 2014.  Entries received after that date may not receive a shirt.


Women's specific sizes will be ordered for all women who enter before May 5.


Tucson Racing reserves the right to postpone, cancel or change the race or race format at any time to ensure athlete safety. If Tucson Racing determines conditions that might compromise the safety of participants, Tucing Racing, in its sole judgment, may cancel, postpone, or change the race and/or race format. No Refunds or Transfers will be given as a result of any cancelation or modification of the event.


Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information found within www.tucsonracing.com. No warranty, expressed or written, is made regarding the content of this site. Tucson Racing and the Cincinnati One World Triathlon will not be held liable for mistakes, typographical errors, omissions, or other errors which may render some information inaccurate. Information and policies found within this site are subject to change without notice.






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