Mountain Triathlon Conference Teams*

Northern Arizona University

Arizona State University

University of Arizona

University of Wyoming

Weber State University

Colorado College

Colorado State University

United States Air Force Academy

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs(UCCS)

University of Colorado, Boulder(CU)

Colorado School of Mines

New Mexico State University

Brigham Young University

Utah Valley University

*If your school is listed incorrectly or not listed please notify us.

The Havasu Triathlon is pleased to welcome the Conference Championships for the Mountain Collegiate Triathlon Conference. 

All collegiate athletes are welcome to participate in the Havasu Triathlon collegiate division and enter at the discounted rate.  Team scoring is limited to MCTC teams.  Only MCTC member students are eligible for conference championships awards.


Special discounted entry fees are being offered to Collegiate students.  We do not offer team discounts because the entry fee is discounted for all collegiate students who enter the Sprint or Olympic Triathlon.  Please note that the discounted entry fee ends on March 10.  After that time the full entry fee will be charged due to the fact that we need all collegiate entries by March 10 so as to properly seed the event.


Approximately 10 days before the event we will email all participating teams and request that each team seed their athletes.  Waves and who is in each wave will be determined by the MCTC and individual teams.   The Havasu Triathlon will only ask for seeding information from each team based on the regulations supplied by the MCTC.

Why do we wait until shortly before the event?  Typically it is often not until shortly before the event that team attendance is finally determined.   This way we get a final seeding shortly before the race and team captains/coaches only have to seed the race once.

Wave start lists will be posted as soon as we receive the information back from the team.  Usually 3 - 5 days before the event.


Collegiate division awards will be given out to the top collegiate athletes.  The Collegiate awards are supplied by USAT and MCTC.

Collegiate athletes in the Olympic race will have their own waves and will be scored as their own division.  Collegiate athletes entering the Collegiate Division in the Olympic Triathlon will not be scored in the age group divisions.  Collegiate athletes, however, are welcome to enter the sprint triathlon and will be scored as age groupers.  Note that sprint participants may not score points for their collegiate team.

Only those collegiate athletes who are members of MCTC teams and have entered the Collegiate Division of the International Triathlon will be scored for Conference Championship standings.

Collegiate athletes who not enrolled at member schools of the Mountain Collegiate Triathlon Conference are welcome to participate.  Those athletes will be eligible for individual awards in the Collegiate Division but will not be scored as part of the Conference Championships.

All athletes, no matter age or collegiate affiliation are welcome to compete in the Havasu Triathlon.  To be eligible for the collegiate wave you must be enrolled full time in a college or university and, if your college or university has a triathlon organization, you must be a member of that organization.  If you do not meet that criteria please enter the age group divisions of the Havasu Triathlon. 

Note:  Collegiate teams - please help us score the event correctly by making sure your athletes are being timed in the correct event.  In the past, athletes who have entered the international distance have dropped down to the sprint distance without telling us.   The computer only knows what it is told and scored that person as an International distance athlete. Obviously this drastically affects results.  Please make sure your athletes tell us if they are changing races and make sure that you check the results when posted to make sure the results are correct.